Bukit Merah Laketown Resort - Perak

This a part of weekend gateway to Taiping, Perak.

We checked in on 24th July (Saturday) at Laketown Hotel, Bukit Merah for one night.

The Hotel
Since this trip was unplanned trip, we did not reserve the room earlier. Only make a call on 10aM in the morning, the rates was Rm250 (weekend) for bed and breakfast. If booked through internet (24 hours earlier at least) the rate would be from Rm110 - Rm150 depending number of rooms available. However this rate without any breakfast (Rm26++) per person.

The Room
Check in at the hotel about 2pM. Our room was on Level 3. A clean sheet queen bed together with a day bed with pullout available. Able to accommodate a parent with two children in comfort mode.

Just the bathroom a bit dirty with moles & stains on the floor.

Well its a resort (bukit merah inn to be exact). Not a luxury hotel.

No newspaper will be sent to your room. Need to purchase at the souvenir shop a walking distance from the hotel. Same goes to the breakfast cafe.

The Dining
Breakfast was just okay. Nothing fancy. Mostly prepared by trainee chef (can see from their badge). Nasi lemak, bakeries, fresh orange juice, scramble eggs station (outside).

Next we tried the chairlift ride. It cost Rm7.oo per person (adult). The twin-seater cable chair ride to enjoy a 'Spectacular' view as it takes you over the Waterpark to see the scenic view of Bukit Merah Lake. You will be take to overview across the waterpark. The stomach was still full after breakfast.

So next we tried the skycycle that cost Rm6.00 per person (adult). You need to cycle the ride with you two hands. Across the short route will cover tropical jungle (they claim!) and the lake side. Not worth your money.

Water Park
Only later we enter the water theme park. Since this not peak season (not school or public holiday) not so many people around. You need not to line up for any ride / slides.

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 12pM - 7pM
Sat - Sun also school & public holiday : 10aM - 7pM

Entrance Fee:
Rm 27.00 (adult)
Rm 23.00 (child)
Rm 10.00 (senior & disabled person)

*Do not forget your sunscreen! :-)

*Plan and book earlier your accommodation!

*Avoid Apartment. Look very old, dirty and not properly maintain.

*Kampung Air (Water Chalet) mostly reserve for group booking by tourist from Middle East or Japan / Korea. Try your lucky to get that!

*Accept Mastercard & Visa only.

Taiping Lake Garden & Taiping Zoo (Night Safari)

Wondering what to do in Taiping?

In the evening, you must visit the Lake Garden. The Taiping Lake Garden is accessible by car to tour around the lake. Playground and picnic area are available for free. However, you will be charge to use the public toilet! =p

The zoo located in vicinity of the Lake Garden itself.

You must try!
1) To cycle the swan boat Rm6.00 for 30 minutes ride.

2) Experience the night safari of Taiping Zoo.

Night Safari Visiting Hours:

8pM till 11pM

Entrance Fee:

Rm 16.00 (adult)
Rm 10.00 (children)

*Thought the area / cages are attached with spotlight, the surrounding abit dark and scary. Try to stick with the train ride rather that walking in the dark.

*we finished the tour in 45 mins and go back.

Restoran Doli - Taiping, Perak

Name: Restoran Doli

Type: Fried Kuey Teow

No 5, Regat Tupai
34000 Taiping
(Point of interest in Garmin, "doli")

Operating Hour:
12pM to 12aM. Closed on Friday.


This weekend, we decided to take a short getaway weekend to Taiping, Perak.

Wifey was raised in Taiping. Getaway trip Taiping would be a great weekend since she knows the best place to eat!

After checked in @ Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, we went to this Doli Restaurant. Avoiding lunch hour. (We stopped for lunch at Sungai Perak R&R, Ikan Patin masak lemak tempoyak. Yup!!)

If you are looking for Char Kuey Teow, this is not the place!

Restoran Doli famous for their Fried Kuey Teow. Special Fried Kuey Teow will cost you about Rm8.50. What is their secret? They fried the Kuey Teow using charcoal fire.

Taiping's branch only offer table for 8 persons. If you are coming with less number, prepare to share table with other guests. Thats the let down factor for Doli. Standing waiting for table will be a common situation during peak or off peak hours.

Food at Taiping, Perak

Beside that dining @ Doli restaurant, Taiping offer few other type of food that you could try.

Among them are:

Mee Udang - Kuala Sepetang, Port Weld
Salleh Stall or Warung Mak Teh

Cendol Bismillah

Yong Tau Foo Bomba
Got its name from the location itself. Situated next to Balai Bomba Taiping, the food court offers more than five stalls selling the yong tau foo. The best stall? I still believe it all taste about the same. Dont forget to add the giant sotong!

Mihun Sup RM1
The name represent the price. Good one! Selling mihun or bee hoon sup for RM1. Also selling satay about 15cent per stick. Portion? Well, you will get how much you pay for right?

Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co - The Curve Damansara

After watching the Forrest Gump movie on HBO, we are so inspired to try this Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co.

  • Lot 145 1st Floor Jln PJU 7/3
  • The Curve Mutiara Damansara,
  • Petaling Jaya47800, Malaysia

  • 603-77109862

Other location:
*Sunway Piramid

Need to learn how to use this sign to call the server!

What we are having!

Service: Good.
Cleanliness: Good.

Drink are too strong for me. Love the plate "RUN FORREST RUN". Must buy for souvenir from next door souvenir shop!

Accept all international credit card.