Taiping Lake Garden & Taiping Zoo (Night Safari)

Wondering what to do in Taiping?

In the evening, you must visit the Lake Garden. The Taiping Lake Garden is accessible by car to tour around the lake. Playground and picnic area are available for free. However, you will be charge to use the public toilet! =p

The zoo located in vicinity of the Lake Garden itself.

You must try!
1) To cycle the swan boat Rm6.00 for 30 minutes ride.

2) Experience the night safari of Taiping Zoo.

Night Safari Visiting Hours:

8pM till 11pM

Entrance Fee:

Rm 16.00 (adult)
Rm 10.00 (children)

*Thought the area / cages are attached with spotlight, the surrounding abit dark and scary. Try to stick with the train ride rather that walking in the dark.

*we finished the tour in 45 mins and go back.

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