Food at Taiping, Perak

Beside that dining @ Doli restaurant, Taiping offer few other type of food that you could try.

Among them are:

Mee Udang - Kuala Sepetang, Port Weld
Salleh Stall or Warung Mak Teh

Cendol Bismillah

Yong Tau Foo Bomba
Got its name from the location itself. Situated next to Balai Bomba Taiping, the food court offers more than five stalls selling the yong tau foo. The best stall? I still believe it all taste about the same. Dont forget to add the giant sotong!

Mihun Sup RM1
The name represent the price. Good one! Selling mihun or bee hoon sup for RM1. Also selling satay about 15cent per stick. Portion? Well, you will get how much you pay for right?

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