Restoran Saba - CBD Cyberjaya (Nasi Arab)

Name: Restoran Saba

Type: Middle East Cuisine

Operating Hours:
12 noon - 1 aM

4800 Suite 0-2 Ground Floor
Block A1 Jalan Perdana
CBD Perdana, Cyberjaya

03 - 8320 2544


What differentiate this branch than Setiawangsa is this outlet offer khabsah rice while in Setiawangsa branch offer mandy rice. Khabsah rice usually comes with salad and tomato chutney. Meanwhile mandy rice usually serves with dalca and tomato chutney.

We arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes past 12 in the afternoon. Number of other customers waiting for the restaurant to be open. Few minutes later the roller shutter then open and welcome the customer in. In just few minutes, most of the tables then occupied by all the waiting customer. Middle east cuisine now on demand!

Wifey and I has been the loyal customer for Saba Restaurant for almost a year and a half now. Big portion, good food and moderate price what we craved for. Today we ditched our favorite grilled chicken + rice, instead we have Kabsha Chicken + rice. We were served in less than 5 minutes after we ordered the food.

The chicken meat was very tendered almost like a steam chicken with superb taste of spices. Believe that the chicken was cooked together with the rice to bring the taste and smells of the chicken into the rice.

I had my favorite Raspberry Barbican (Rm 4) and wifey with mineral water (Rm 1) since someone had sore throat. =p

Your order will be taken by the server. Once taken, you will be given a token (card with magnetic strip) and just bring along the card to payment counter and settle your bill.

Just took 5 minutes to get this full

Long queue for take away

The payment counter

Khabsa Chicken + Rice (Half portion) (Rm 15)

Service: Good

Cleanliness: Moderate

*Cash only transaction.

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