Bob Burger - Taman Lembah Keramat

Name: Simpang 3 Burger Bob

Type: Burger Stall

No 5 Jalan AU 5C/1
Lembah Keramat
Kuala Lumpur

013 - 640 2237

BBM: 227540DD

Operating Hours:
4pM till 5aM

Available for AU5C district at 50cent extra

Also available:
*Roti john
*Rabbit / Hot dog king
*BangsarBabes Burger (Square)
*Prosperity burger
-Tiesto (Lamb) - grilled flavour
-Lambo (Beef) - grilled flavour

What make this Bob's Burger so special? You need to taste it yourself! Really superb! Serves with saute onions make it so special. Credit to BangsarBabe on her introduction of Bob's Burger to the web. I believe that Bob's Burger has publicly well known since the coverage by BangsarBabe. My recent visit found out that Bobby (the owner) named burgers after the BangsarBabe.

Bobby set up this stall right in front of his house. Few tables available if you like to dine in. Tin or bottle drink also available.

Interesting facts to share, the onions will be fried using olives oils before serves with the burger.

Please expect delay as queue can be reasonably long.

Full price list

Assisted by his partner

Tables available for dine in

Bob busy making his historical delicious burger

Burger: Chicken Double Special (Rm 4.70)

Burger: Chicken Double Cheese (Rm 4.70)

Inside view of Double Chicken Special

Service: Good. Just need to waiting since high number of order.
Cleanliness: Moderate.

*Cash only transaction

*Highly recommended to try Double chicken special!

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