Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop - Empire Shopping Gallery

Name: Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop

Type: Espresso Bar & Bake Shop

Empire Shopping Gallery
LG 03A, Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1, SS1
Subang Jaya

03 - 5022 2060

Whisk was among the pioneer macaroons maker available in Malaysia. With current "macaroons fever" we decided to give this macaroons a try.

1 piece for Rm 2
10 pieces for Rm 18

Just a small shop (judging from the size)

The menu

Cakes also available

Among the cakes (Red Velvet the hot seller)

Only few macaroons left

We take away our macaroons

Some of the flavour available

Service: Moderate. Lack of staffs (long queue to pay during my visit).

Cleanliness: Good.

Thanks to reader Jason that share with me the coffee was freshly brew and all the menu are home baked concept. No leftover and kept over night at Whisk. Be prepare to pay premium price to appreciate freshness (should we?).

*Cash only transaction.

*Way over price than other franchise cafe.

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3 Response to "Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop - Empire Shopping Gallery"

  1. jason says:
    March 29, 2011 at 1:47 AM

    You claim it to be just a small shop yet "lack of staff"? and way overpriced than other franchise but this isnt a franchise lol its home baked and fresh daily and do you know that their coffee is freshly roasted beans, not stale ones like the ones served at starbucks. aiyoo.. often than not local bloggers end up digging up bigger holes for themselves. Educate yourselves first before reviewing wor! Oh btw, we are regulars at whisk, so thats how we know all this :)

  2. food_lover says:
    March 29, 2011 at 4:18 AM

    Thank you for you comment Jason.

    Put it this way, Mary just bought a Ferrari and she think that its affordable for her while John think Ferrari just way over priced. This might happen that Mary may belong to 1% of rich population in Malaysia while John may belong to 70% population Malaysian level of income.

    Mary like her house to be painted in green while John like his house to be painted in white. So no problem here right?

    Ones need to be educate is the person who knocked on Mary door and said it to her face that her preference for green color is wrong!

    In franchising, the price might be a bit higher since its consider the franchisee and franchisor profit margin. Since its stand alone and home baked as you claimed, can it justify the higher price? That is the reason I put it way overprice than franchise cafe.

    Lastly, do not worry to much. My humble blog review may not harm the future earning of Whisk and yours too.

  3. jason says:
    March 29, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    oh not to worry :) You are clearly entitled to your opinions, however I have brought up the subject of facts against "opinions"

    And clearly John prefers to stay defensive, because at the end of the day you have no idea what homebaked daily comment is in preference to. It is stating that they are baked fresh daily and most if not all items on their menu are labour intensive. Nothing is kept in fridge for days and therefore higher cost on maintaining quality.

    Dont worry, Mary not worried at all about any Whisk earnings wor, but just as how you have freely spoken up and given your thoughts on this, don't see why I shouldn't either.

    Have a nice day John! Mary needs to take a ride in the Ferrari now :)

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