(Unboxing) McDonald's Family Breakfast Box

Name: McDonald's Restaurant

Type: Fast food restaurant

McDonald's Family Breakfast Box A

Price: Rm 19.90

It comes with:
* 1 Big Breakfast with 1 pc of hash browns.
* 1 sausage McMuffin with egg.
* 2 pcs of hotcakes
* 1 pcs of hash browns
* 2 Coffee / Tea

This Breakfast Box suitable for 2-3 pax. By purchasing this set, it will save you about Rm 6 compared if you are purchasing it separately.

Heavily influence by mass advertisement, no one can missed the Big Breakfast set by Mc Donalds if you are reading newspaper or watching TV. Available from 4aM till 11pM at any participating Mc D outlets, today it sell like a hotcakes! Thought arrived at 10aM, queue still long for drive thru and it seems everyone wanted to try this set.

2 Coffee /Tea

2 hotcakes with syrup! Yum yum!

Hash browns

Sausage Mc Muffin with Egg

Big Breakfast Set

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