The Singapore Tourist Pass

You are looking forward to travel to Singapore? This Singapore Tourist Pass is the ultimate pass that you will be able to use to ride the MRT, LRT and basic bus around the Singapore. Cost at $8 per day, this however not able to be use on Express, Night Rider, Fast Forward, Night Owl or any premium bus services.

By purchasing this Tourist Pass, it will avoid you from purchasing a wrong ticket to your destination. Upon purchase, $10 deposit will be required and will be refunded on the return of the pass. The card however must be return within 5 days or deposit will be forfeit.

The card will be available at certain MRT station such as:
*Changi Airport
*City Hall
*Harbour Front
*Raffles Place
*Ang Mo Kio

$8 for 1 day
$16 for 2 days
$24 for 3 days

please include $10 for deposit (refundable)

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