Zoo Melaka

Name: Zoo Melaka


06 - 2324 053


Visiting Hours:
9 aM till 6 pM

Entrance Fee:
Rm 7 (Adult)
Rm 4 (Children)
Rm 10 (Video camera)

Malacca now is pushing into tourism industry. What more to do if you visit Malacca other than visiting all tourist attraction site. Not to missed is Malacca Zoo. Though it not as famous as Taiping Zoo or National Zoo, visit to Malacca Zoo is not a waste of time at all.

Entrance fee is much cheap to be compared to National Zoo and Taiping Zoo (Rm 15 Adult). Just the fee for bringing in video camera looks much ridiculous! From the website, stated that tram service is free. Actual visit shows different story. Every adult will be charge Rm2 for tram ride. You can see that the zoo is poorly maintain. Maybe due to lack of fund. If Malacca really into pushing tourism industry, this should not be overlook. Parking will be charge at Rm 2 per entry as you enter the area.

From the website, it mentioned about the night safari. A visit there does not show any indication of night safari. I believe it has been shut down since the website has not been update for quite sometimes.

Lets see the place!

Entrance fee

*Tram service with tour guide require extra charges. Rm 2 per person.

*Obviously the zoo was poorly maintain.

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