Syed Bistro - AU 5 Keramat, Kuala Lumpur

Syed Restaurant has a long history going back four generations. Founded by Syed Kadir in the early 1900 in Penang by the early migrants from India.

From the early days of Penang, the third generation Syed moved to the Kelang Valley in 1968. As part of its diversification program, a Catering Division was set up in 1981 and also at the same time the second outlet was opened in Shah Alam. In 1985, a new outlet was opened in Petaling Jaya. From then on, 8 other outlets was added in various parts of the Kelang Valley.

Today, Syed Restaurant and Syed Bistro cater to a wide range of classes and ethnic groups in Malaysia looking to savour the best in local and Western cooking and the added ambience of a relaxed tropical setting.

Syed Bistro famous for their nasi bukhara. Syed Bistro offers two type of nasi bukhara which are nasi bukhara ayam (chicken) & nasi bukhara kambing (mutton).

AU5 Keramat
Kuala Lumpur


Other Locations:
*Shah Alam
*Petaling Jaya
*Kelana Jaya
*Subang Jaya

Nasi Bukhara Ayam (Chicken) Rm 11
Nasi Bukhara Kambing (Mutton) Rm13

*This included curry gravy & dalca.

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